About the Book

When the Little Prince left the planet, not a day goes by that The Rose did not hope for him to come back home. Every sunrise, She greets the world with a yearning for the return of the love of her life. In between the hope and waiting, She meets characters from near and far, all of whom bring her conversations about life and loneliness.

Without any glass globe and no one to take care of her needs, how can a single flower survive? How can her fragrance save her from the harshness of a brute beast? Will her thorns be enough? And after discovering that She is not the only Rose in the world, how will She be?

About Andrea

Andrea St. Thomas believes
that roses should not be grown in pots
nor to be contained in a glass globe.
She tends her own garden
and resides in the Philippines.

How to Purchase?

The Single Rose: Life After the Little Prince is a sequel to the timeless classic of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “The Little Prince”.

Be ready to embrace the world of The Single Rose as we work on the book’s reprinting. Keep an eye out for our announcement of availability.



"It is simple to read. It Had an emotional impact on me."

ME Michael Elefante

"I had no expectations on The Single Rose as I do not want it to ruin my love for The Little Prince."


"This modern day parable narrates the travails of The Rose after the Little.."

CC Christine Carlos

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